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www.MyFlorida.com/AccessFlorida ~ Florida Department of Children and Families :

The state of Florida provides Food, Medical Assistance and Cash to certain families who are in need.  The goal of this state service is to help improve the lives of families and help them get back on their feet during times of need.  The FDCF also helps children who can no longer return to their families find foster homes.  This might be in the case of a drug abuse situation or domestic violence.  Almost 20,000 foster children are assisted through this service.  Food stamps and temporary cash assistance are also available to those who qualify.  General speaking in order to qualify you must have low household income and have a number of children living in the household.  The department also help the homeless find shelter, helps drug addicts with substance abuse and mental health treatment, and protects families threatened domestic violence.  The DCF headquarters can be found at: 1317 Winewood Boulevard, Building 1, Room 202, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0700 or by phone (850) 487-1111.  It is advised they all people who are in need in the state of Florida give this state service a try.  The following is a brief run down of services provided by the DCF:

  • Help buying food
  • Cash Assistance
  • Low or no cost health care
  • Help paying Medicare premiums

Detailed factors effecting eligibility are number of people that live in the household,  if anyone living in the household is pregnant or disabled, if anyone in the house is in need of nursing home or in need of nursing home care, enrolled in Medicare or working full time.  If someone in the household is working MyFlorida.com/AccessFlorida will need to know how much they make before and after taxes are paid.  The DCF will also need to know if anyone is on Social Security, Unemployment, Veterans Benefits or Child Support.  Any questions for the Veterans Affairs can be directed to 800-827-1000.  Rent, mortgage and medical expenses must also be provided when applying for any benefits.  Medical expenses are considered what you pay out of pocket with out help from the insurance company or someone else.

Please note that the household MUST reside in the State with the intent to remain or the household is living in the State of Florida for employment purposes without intent to remain in order to qualify for any benefits.  If this is not the case please do not waster your time applying.  Also note that providing false information for the purpose of getting benefits you would not otherwise be entitled to is a crime punishable by fines of up to $250,000 and/or a prison sentence.  Before starting the application process it is recommended you take the pre screening test to see if your eligible for benefits.  This test is a tool and is not an application.

If your a Out of State Agencies looking to verify information income or benefit with the DCF ACCESS Florida Program in regards to a individual please email your request to D11_SFL_CallCenter@dcf.state.fl.us.  The turn around time for a response is about 3 business days in most cases.

We here at MFAH are experts in filing claims with the Florida Department of Children and Families.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get in touch with you.

site: www.MyFlorida.com/AccessFlorida


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